Roi de Bermell, the concept


Roi de Bermell was founded with the aim of promoting beer culture in the whole catalan country.


More than two years tasting and analysing English, Irish, Welsh and Scotts beers, and experiencing the beer culture established in these contries, the desire of drawing up a beer was growing up.


The project Roi de Bermell beggins in the middle of 2009, with the aim of producing beer with its own profile. It is known that the trait of a beer is given by the nature of the water used in its brewing process, so the choice was taken: to brew the beer with water collected in Espot village (Pallars Sobirà).


In 2012, after two years and a half, the trials turned into the first beer brewed: a wheat beer with a touch of juniper leaves. A beer with a unique profile!


Next to the Wheatbeer there are some other styles like an English IPA, a Porter, an Old Ale, a Special Bitter or a Blonde Ale.

Beers for sale




Roi de Bermell beer can be purchased individually, in packs of 4 bottles or more units.


Packs of 4 bottles can be made by bottles of the same variety or may consist of different varieties.


To purchase beers just send an email through the contact form on this website, or through social network Twitter account @RoideBermell.